Well the chill has hit the air – We all thought Pittsburgh was cold.  I think we skipped the fall here in Arizona WOW
Most of us just returned back from the ASPE Symposium in Pittsburgh this year.  What a fantastic turnout-  Over 300
From what I had heard.  No final counts yet.  But it was amazing to see all the members throughout the country and see
Many friends from the past years.  The bond that we all share is amazing and I am looking forward to staying in touch with
All that I connected with.  Such a great group of friends and a big part of the ASPE Family.  Everyone willing to help on projects and bounce
Information off of If you have questions.    The tech sessions were packed and very informative with great topics. .  ASPE Phoenix Chapter,
of course came out with some great wins -Award of Merit, Membership retention award and Research and Education Donation.  We Continue to strive
And accomplish to become better and we cannot do it without our entire chapter and the Society.  So thank you all.  Some Great things
Coming in for New Membership Benefits, these will be announced once the new website hits.  We will continue to push towards growth
And leadership.  Lots of great ideas and events up and coming.  We will be blasting flyers out for events and meetings so stay tuned and stay warm

Holly Bruns
Commercial Specifications
VP Membership -ASPE Phoenix Chapter


2125 E Jones
Phoenix AZ 85040

Tel:  (602)-304-0001

Box 2