The year has started off GREAT!    Our first meeting of the year in September started off with a huge turnout. That to me was super exciting. I cannot thank you all enough for coming out to join us and supporting the Chapter.   We are growing each year and with all the communication and turn out – we know we are making a difference.   We have so many ways of communicating these days that the networking on Linkedin and Facebook
Have been an incredible platform for us to reach more people.  Upcoming events are being planned to keep our chapter involved and engaged -from community outreach to Technical sessions for our group.  One event up coming this Oct is the ASPE 2019 Tech Symposium. We are excited to Represent Phoenix Chapter with a few Scholarship winners that we have selected to go to the Symposium and represent
With us as a group.  They all have chosen to give back to ASPE Phoenix Chapter in education form.  The link to the schedule is below or visit to see all the updated information.
I am looking forward too many of the speakers and tech sessions as well as the New Joint- WOA and AYP meeting.  Seeing my WOA team – so looking forward to seeing everyone and networking.
Again -  hope to see you all this month. 

Holly Bruns
Commercial Sales Manager
Phoenix ASPE Chapter Vice President Membership
Bobier Sales
2125 E Jones Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Ph: 602-304-0001
Fx: 602-304-0005
Cell: 602-531-0117

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