Fellow ASPE Members,

This month’s newsletter I wanted to include some information that I learned during the Symposium that would benefit you! Below I’ll cover some of the highlights of the events and courses I attended that included significant takeaways. I enjoyed the networking with our Local, National & International ASPE members.

Designing with TMVs, POU Valves, & Water Heaters used as Temperature Controllers
This course was the most informational in my opinion and it also aligns with my last newsletter topic relating to ASSE 1082, ASSE 1084, & ASSE 1085. This was presented by Conrad L. Jarhling and he methodically broke down each standard. I have acquired a much deeper understanding of these standards since attending this presentation. I’d like to encourage anyone who has questions to either email me or approach me at one of the upcoming ASPE meetings.

Hot Water Systems Design for Code Compliance
This was the one of two courses I attended that was on Legionella and this one presented by an expert on the topic Joe Scott, CPD, FASPE, LEED AP of Cannon Design. Joe touched on some of the updates and challenges of temperatures to control the growth of legionella in healthcare facilities. He also asked for our local Legionella expert Christoph Lohr PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, ASSE 6020 opinion on some topics during the presentation.

Domestic Water System Design
This was by far the most interactive presentation I attended and was presented by Chris Ebener of LiquiTech who was full of energy and the crowded room fed off it. He provided a point of view on Legionella mitigation that very few of us designers are exposed to. He spoke about the importance of accurate water distribution drawings and how they can affect the mitigation of Legionella in his field of work. I feel very enlightened after this presentation and have some ideas as to how I plan to show this in my future projects.

Legislative meeting-
This meeting was very informative for me as I am a first year V.P. Legislative.  Many questions came up about how we could serve our members and where we could get better information to do so. One of the most important topics was “What are we supposed to do?” Yes, a question like that did come up and I asked it because there isn’t a lot of useful information available to providing the best service to our members locally and nationally. This meeting was hosted by Brianne Hall PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, GGP our ASPE National V.P. Legislative and she was very quick to answer my question. ASPE National is working towards providing a Legislative forum for VPL’s to communicate, educate each other, and debate on relevant code topics happening around the country.

I am also hopeful we will have a single source of information when it comes to codes for different jurisdictions around country as we have for Arizona. I would like to see a webpage with different states and what codes each jurisdiction is utilizing.
If there are any topics that anyone would like me to bring up with the National Legislative Committee please don’t hesitate to email me at DBernstein@Southlandind.com . I am more than happy to help provide answers or direction.

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