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Fellow ASPE Phoenix Chapter Members,

It was great seeing you at our first meeting of the ASPE Phoenix Calendar!  I really enjoyed introducing our awesome committee chairs for our chapter at our last meeting – thanks for giving their efforts the praise that it deserved.  To recap who the committee chairs are:

Jimmel Young – Education Chair
Claire Cowan – WOA Liaison
Cameron Scott – AYP Liaison
Chris Rozenwaser – Professional Development Chair
John Armstrong – Affiliate Liaison
Zach Young – Tucson Task Force Committee

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the ASPE Phoenix BOD has established the following strategic objectives for our chapter:

  1. Increase services to ASPE Phoenix Chapter Members
  2. Increase community outreach between our chapter/society and the state of Arizona.

To recap what #1 entails, which I covered in our meeting, please refer to the breakdown below:

  1. Code Class – Partnership with PIPE Trust (Engineer Scholarships available!);
  2. ASPE Society Basic Plumbing and CPD Review Class Hosted in Phoenix;
    1. TBD Workshop February 5
    2. Basic Plumbing Design February 6-7
    3. CPD Review Class February 8-9
    4. Basic Plumbing Scholarship in Development
  3. Looking into Remote Meetings Broadcast to Tucson, Flagstaff, Yuma, Prescott, etc.;
  4. Revamp of our CPD Class to make it more useful;
  5. New AV Equipment was purchased and we are actively working to make the meetings more enjoyable for you all!
  6. We are starting a Professional Development educational sessions – definitely hope to serve our Affiliates better with these sessions, but want to also make them useful for our engineers!
  7. We now have an Affiliate Liaison – we are looking into finding ways to work better with our affiliate members, and look to have more Affiliate involvement/sponsorship opportunities at tours
  8. We are looking into Membership Benefit for pre-paying for monthly meetings.
  9. We are improving the quality of our CEU program while also protecting the intellectual property of our speakers.

In my next newsletter, I’ll talk about what we are doing about #2, community outreach.


ASPE Phoenix Chapter President
ASPE Young Professionals Liaison
cell: 248.736.4940
work: 602.336.5240