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Box 2

Fellow ASPE Phoenix Chapter Members,

In my last newsletter, I spoke about item #1 from our ASPE Phoenix BOD strategic objectives:

  1. Increase services to ASPE Phoenix Chapter Members
  2. Increase community outreach between our chapter/society and the state of Arizona.

To recap what #2 entails, which I covered at our September meeting, please refer to the list below:

  1. Community Outreach
    1. ASPE Society Mentor Program Involvement – most of the board has signed up to be mentors.  I’d like to encourage you, our membership, to also sign up.  Special shout out to Pete Menconi for his interest in this program!
    2. We have a goal that 10% of our membership by 2020 is students – this equates to about 16 student members
      1. We are actively doing ASU, GCU, MCC outreach
      2. We are looking at a “Big-brother” and “big-sister” program to team student members with affiliates (or others!)
    3. Holly/Claire are looking into multiple volunteer/giving opportunities such as a shower trailer project, Toys for Tots , Food Drive, among others.

As a reminder, there are also a number of benefits to ASPE membership.  Some examples:

  1. Now available for viewing: three-part leadership development series presented by AYP
    1. Free for ASPE members, these on-demand webinars are catered to the young professional, but any engineer or designer at any stage in their career can benefit. Each webinar will increase the participant's knowledge and confidence in how to resolve conflict and seek opportunities within the situation.
  2. Book of the month (35% discount)

Definitely excited about the next couple years – you’ll be hearing more from the board via social media, email blasts, and in person about some of our community outreach activities – look forward to your help as we spread the good-will of ASPE Phoenix!

If you have any questions or comments or concerns, please let me know – we welcome and ask for your feedback!


ASPE Phoenix Chapter President
ASPE Young Professionals Liaison
cell: 248.736.4940
work: 602.336.5240