Tall Stalls - Well, at least you can't see the person's face?
A Bit Too Close and Perpendicular - Gah, why does one have to be a children's urinal?!
Resourceful? - Hey, at least they're recycling.
Tree Urinal - A classier way to urinate on a tree.
Leg Room - And you though your apartment was small
High Reach TP - When you can't find the toilet paper, always remember to look up
Who Needs Stalls? - Maybe the designers thought the people at the urinals wanted an audience.

Room with a view - So that you know when the bathroom is occupied.

Double Fail - How do you miss BOTH those design fails?
Bathroom Staircase - A toilet with a view
Four's a Crowd - Taking the awkwardness of public urinals to a whole new level
Toilet Paper Reach - For the lankiest of bathroom users.
Side By Side- "Could you pass me a few squares?"
The Upgraded Chamber Pot - Forget plumbing! We have buckets!
Combo Sink Toilet - Hey, it's a space saver!
Sinks Sinks Everywhere! But Not A Place to Poop. - Maybe it's a private bathroom for someone who really enjoys hand washing.
Bathroom Window - There are some rooms that shouldn't have easily accessible windows