Hello readers:

It is August and we are in the throes of another Arizona summer.  A little heat and a little wet and you get HUMIDITY. Something us desert dwellers don’t seem to know how to handle. Mostly by choice and that’s why we live in the desert.

How did the population survive before A/C - air conditioning? What a great invention to regulate the room temperature down to a bearable number. I have no affiliation with any air conditioning manufacturer or company, only the highest regard for them and the wonderful people that install their equipment in the buildings we occupy.

As the heat starts to subside and the days start to shorten we will again enjoy some of the best weather this great country has to offer. For me the three months of summer are a fair trade for the other nine months of the year we don’t worry about ice, snow or freezing rain.

Our membership continues to grow and thanks needs to be given out to all of you. By continuing to be a member of the Phoenix ASPE Chapter you are keeping out numbers strong. Also when you alert me of those other wonderful folks in your office, that have yet to see the light and join our group, we are making progress and it shows. Read the July issue of Plumbing Engineer Magazine to see how Phoenix stacks up to other cities across the US. A wonderful job to you all.

Enjoy the rest of your summer as school will be starting soon. Be alert through those school zones and ever watchful of the kids heading to class.

Grady J. Lance

Southwest Sales Reps Arizona, LC
Phoenix ASPE Chapter Vice President Membership



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